About Theo

Within every great story, a pivotal moment occurs and forever changes the landscape. The world appears altered from our previous perceptions; our story a little more complete, a little more profound. Those moments just before and after are ingrained within us now – embedded bits and pieces of us. And the details within the story, become our story.

Within every couple, lies a great story waiting to be told. Waiting to be lived. Your wedding day, in many ways, will be a representation of this. As your wedding photographer, it is my responsibility and great privilege to help tell and share that story, from start to finish. And although some may believe the exchange of vows is the “pivotal moment” within their story, I believe it’s one of many. One very important event within a collection of moments only the two of you could create.

Telling your story is how I approach capturing your wedding day. There is nothing “cookie-cutter” about wedding photography for me, because every couple and every wedding has their own ingredients, their own formula, their own unique nuances.

I prefer to take a more personal approach to your day, so I can represent you in each of your distinctions, gradations and particulars. My style of photography has been described as photojournalistic meets fine-art, but more than that, I believe my style is genuine to the couple, to the moment, to the story. I strive to create images that are both detailed in composition and teeming with emotion.

At the end of the day, when your guests have all gone home, when you are now officially husband and wife, my hope is that I have helped you share and preserve the precious, the spontaneous and the intimate moments of your wedding day. From once upon a time, to happily ever after.

My name is Theo, and I would be honored to help tell your story…